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"Cramp is lurking in. In word and gesture the last climb of the day is described, strong words pass by with a smile.
Friends nod in agreement. It was a beautiful day.
The sun is still looking down on the close company and then leave the stage with satisfaction. A moment of silence changes the environment in a small paradise.
Everything comes together for a moment. Nature, the view, the people: your senses don't get it, but euphoria fits best. The glasses are lifted.
A toast to life. "

This is what a Bike Villas Weekend has to offer. What else do you want? Together with your cycling friends you enjoy a few days (and dispense ...) all the beauty that Mallorca has to offer. On the road bike and/or mountain bike!

You arrive on Thursday and stay 4 nights in one of our beautiful Bike Villas. On Monday you'll return home full of new energy. The weekend can be fully taken care of, depending on your own wishes. This means that we can arrange car rental, transfers, bike rental (race and mtb), GPS routes, guide, catering (breakfast and dinner), BBQ, shopping service, a mallorquine lunch on the road and sports nutrition. We deliver tailor-made solutions, so we're happy to arrange the final arrangement with you.

The price of the package depends on the number of people, which period, which stay it will be and which facilities you want to use. We are happy to make a unique offer!

Plan your cycling holiday

We deliver tailor-made solutions, so we are happy to work together to arrange your cycling holiday.

Fill in the contact form via the button below. We will contact you as soon as possible. Let us know which dates, how many people and what facilities you want to use!