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Our story
About us
We are Bike Villas Mallorca; Louisa and Ed. We were born and raised in the south of the Netherlands and since 2018 we live in Mallorca. With our emigration adventure we are living our dream together with our two teenage daughters Floor and Maartje. How cool is that!

Our Mallorca adventure started in 2016 when we were running a villa as a guesthouse (villa Son Flora). The first years we did this from the Netherlands and after we emigrated to Mallorca in 2018, we have been doing this from this beautiful island. With the founding of our company Bike Villas Mallorca in 2018, we have been focusing on cycling holidays in Mallorca, in addition to sun holidays. The positive experiences and feedback from our cycling guests have convinced us that there is a place for us in the busy cycling holiday market.
With offering cycling holidays in your own villa, we are a unique player in this market. In September 2019 we started with a rental portal with various bicycle-friendly villas on Mallorca. The next step in our adventure.

We are very proud, and find it very exciting that we get the chance to realize our dream on Mallorca. We take on the challenge of turning it into something special and unique. For ourselves, but even more important, for our guests!

See you on Mallorca! Louisa and Ed

This is what we believe in
A few years ago, we were on holiday in Mallorca with our family. Because it was a special year for us, we wanted to do something special this holiday. This "special" became a day of sailing including crew on a private sailing boat. A luxury that we would not normally afford. This day was supposed to be the highlight of our vacation, but it was a big disappointment. The owners of the boat treated us like a number, they made no effort to please us and did not deliver what was promised (the catering was a joke).

With the launch of Bike Villas Mallorca, it was this annoying experience that stands at the basis of what we believe in. We believe in personal attention (you are our number 1) because we know how important your cycling holiday on Mallorca is for you. We convert your cycling passion into our passion and commitment to make it a unique experience. And because it is your cycling holiday, we deliver tailor-made holidays. You indicate what you want and we arrange it. If something goes wrong (we are just normal people) then we will do our utmost best to resolve it as quickly as possible. If you are happy, we are happy. We strive for a unique experience!

Our motto is: "Where the crowd turns right, you choose to turn left with Bike Villas Mallorca!"

What is a Bike Villa?
What is the difference between a villa and a Bike Villa? This simple question was asked to me by a cycling friend who is a marketer in his everyday life. A very good question ...

Most of our Bike Villas have the "Cycling Friendly" certificate. You can see the logo in the description of the villa. Cycling Friendly means that there are special bicycle facilities such as secure bicycle parking, a beautiful bicycle-friendly design and appearance, materials for maintenance, GPX routes from the villa with height profiles, bicycle map and sports materials for extra training (without bicycle). A Bike Villa also always has a number of single beds available; a number of villas even only have single beds. This specific information can also be found in the description of the villa. A villa that does not yet have the "Cycling Friendly" certificate at least has secure bicycle storage and a number of single beds. At all of the Bike Villas we can offer services such as bicycle rental, transfers and catering. A Bike Villa therefore has all the facilities to make your cycling holiday in Mallorca unique!

Cycling Friendly is one of our best cycling friends. This organization has the mission to make Mallorca (and now other parts of Spain) bicycle friendly. On their website you can find all the information for a carefree cycling holiday on Mallorca as a cycling enthusiast. Cycling routes, accommodations, stories, bike rentals, events etc. They have developed a "Cycling Friendly" certificate especially for accommodations, which is now used throughout Spain.

Cycling Friendly
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