With a guide on the road in MTB paradise Mallorca



By Michiel from www.mountainbike.be


Mallorca is a cycling paradise. But mountain biking on Mallorca is better not done on your own. A guide will ensure that your ride is smooth and flawless. There are a lot of private stretches. More than once they are demarcated with a fence ...

We were able to meet three guides. We describe them one by one below.


Karakorum Outdoor Adventure

Julio is the founder of Karakorum Outdoor Adventure. We went cycling with him for a day in Arta. What an extraordinarily beautiful corner of Mallorca we got to know there. Julio is a pleasant person and has the very best for his clients. He is equipped for everything and when you don't expect it he turns out with an impressive supply at locals. Julio is also a local who knows the island very well. During our bike ride we found out that Julio has a lot more to offer with Karakorum than just bike rides. He also offers balloon rides, climbing, hiking and kayaking. Cycling in the morning and a balloon ride at dusk, it's all possible! And Julio is a pro, it is not because the offer is extensive that quality is less. Every activity is taken care of down to the last detail. However, booking early enough is crucial!


Chainguide Mallorca

At Chainguide Mallorca the offer is less extensive, but Jorge is an expert on mountain bike tours regardless of level. We went on an enduro ride with Jorge in Bunyola and soon found out that Jorge is a born guide. In the initial phase he explores what meat he has in the tub, before adapting his route accordingly. At the most difficult passages a short stop is made so that everything runs safely. Top day on the bike! Also less experienced cyclists can go to Chainguide Mallorca. Moreover, they have a range of rental bikes that can be adjusted to your size. On their website you can see the different locations.


Vista Bike Tours

Floor is a retired Dutchman. Floor works as a technician in a bike shop and moreover he guides mountain bike rides from Pollença. We were lucky to do an evening ride with Floor from Pollença to the monastery of Lluc and back. The proposed route was very nice and there were enough possibilities to adapt the route to the wishes and capacities of the bikers. We went a bit further than Lluc and from the Col de Sa Batalla we had a fantastic view over the flatter part of the island. Downhill we enjoyed ourselves by opting for some spicy extras. Just before sunset we closed with a broad smile.



A guide is an absolute added value if you want to get the most out of your mountain bike ride on this beautiful island. The possibilities are endless, but knowledge of the terrain is a must. The best alternative for a guide is a recent gps file of a local mountain.